Why add video to your marketing?

If you know anything about marketing then you’ll know that online video is becoming massive right now, and set to grow exponentially over the next 3 years. Static websites are beginning to be left behind. Done right, video brings your marketing to life: its engaging, it grabs people’s attention, its credible, its quick and easy.

Compare for example the impact of a written testimonial, with a 2 minute video case study on your website. To give you another example, when we integrate video into email marketing campaigns, we achieve click through rates of up to 58%. The industry average is just 3%. And lets not forget how much more engaging good video is than copy or static images. And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

However, there has always been a barrier for small businesses who want to use high quality video: cost. This is exactly why The Video Marketing Company exists: to make quality video based marketing accessible for smaller businesses. We’ve designed 5 simple packages for you to choose from, which in our experience represent the most powerful ways for businesses to use video right now.