So what does it cost?

We certainly don’t claim to be the cheapest. But our mission is simple: to make video marketing affordable, without compromising quality. Our pricing model is built around two options:

Option 1: Monthly payment with option to update

  • £75 per month for first 12 months (£900) per package
  • You then have the option to buy the video outright for £300 - or...
  • You can update the video with some additional filming and go back to £75 a month for 12 months (starting again)
  • Best for companies who want to spread payment, and who want a more cost effective way to keep their content up-to-date


Option 2: Upfront buyout

  • £1200 per package
  • Best for companies who have budget to pay upfront and who are unlikely to need to update the content in the short term